2.5D Platformer Kit Supreme

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2.5D Platformer Kit Supreme

Azureda Games presents 2.5D Platformer Kit Supreme, a high-performance, user-friendly base for your 2.5D platform game, built for Unity 5!


MechAnim ready, this package includes sample scenes with the Standard Assets character already rigged and ready to use.


Includes 2.5D Camera Follow, a lightweight and advanced script for easy and attractive camera effects ( with plenty of examples! )


Platform Kit Deluxe includes a premium player controller with: running, dashing, jumping, double-jumping, wall clinging, wall jumping, floor dropping, crawling, crouching and more!


– Platform Hero Deluxe Player Controller *
– Platform Hero Deluxe Camera Follow *
– Moving Platform *
– Revolving Ball Hazard *

– Sliding Hazard * / Directional Hazard
– Prefabs for Hero, Moving Platform, Ball Hazard, Camera Control and more
– Demo Scenes with components implemented
– Powerups

Fully rigged and licensed hero character with animations.

This kit does not currently have support for Sound, though it is easy to implement by extending the scripts. Sound will be implemented by Q3 2016.

The classic PlatformHero package has been included absolutely free for projects written in UnityScript.
See demo here

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/2-5d-platformer-kit-supreme-41690

25D Platformer Kit Supreme.unitypackage - 5.04 MBDownload

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