2D ColliderGen

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2D ColliderGen

Tweakable Mesh- Polygon- or EdgeColliders at the click of a button – now with tweakable Animated Colliders support.

NEW: UGUI RawImage Support..
IMPORTANT: Moved 2D ColliderGen menu items to Component/2D Collidergen and Window/2D Collidergen.
+ Supports Unity 2018, 2017, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x.
+ Animated Colliders: remove collider frames or reference others
for tweaking and optimization.
+ Adjustible top/bottom/left/right Borders.
+ Supports UGUI Canvas Images.
(if you need 9-Slice-Sprites, send me a feature request)
+ Fixed a bug where outline calculation resulted in an too small region.
+ Supports EdgeCollider2D as output collider type.
+ Multithreaded RuntimeAlphaMeshCollider script to adapt to your needs.
+ Unity5 and IL2CPP/iOS-64BIT support.
+ Animated Colliders for Unity 4.3 Sprite Animations.
+ Support for Unity 4.3 Sprites and PolygonCollider2D.
+ Supports Windows Phone 8 target platform.
+ Infinite holes and islands within a single image.
+ Integrates with SmoothMoves, 2D Toolkit and
Orthello (Free, Elements and Pro).
+ Simple parameters for optimal results –
specify the vertex count you want.
+ Multi-object editing support.
+ Colliders can be forced convex for MeshCollider Rigidbody collisions
+ Works with SmoothMoves BoneAnimation characters.
+ Supports OTTilesSprite and OTTileMap.

Trailer | Web | Documentation | Unity Forum
Video Tutorials for 2D ToolkitSmoothMoves and Orthello

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/sprite-management/2d-collidergen-7540

2D ColliderGen v1.1.unitypackage - 91.66 kBDownload
2D ColliderGen v2.0.unitypackage - 27.21 MBDownload
2D ColliderGen.unitypackage - 13.31 MBDownload

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