2D Platform Controller​

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2D Platform Controller​

The 2D platform controller has now been deprecated in its place is our new and powerful kit: Platformer PRO

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Read more here: Platformer PRO forum post

The 2D Platform Controller is a character controller for 2D and 2.5D platform games. It is an alternative to physics based or character controller based controllers. Check out some of the features in the videos below.

Play The Demo
Or the Better Looking Demo

Latest News: Crouching and Crouch Sliding has been submitted.


With 2D Toolkit:



Getting the settings tweaked to fit your needs can take some time, if you are having trouble contact me here or support at jnamobile.com

Feature List

– Works with any colliders including mesh colliders.
– Handles sloped platforms.
– Simple model for adding your own platform types. Sample include moving platforms, ice, and conveyer belts.
– Double Jump, Wall Jump
– Event based animation with 2D and 3D samples.
– Many parameters to control how your character “feels”.
– Works on mobile.
– Simple but effective mobile touch controller included.
– Full source so you can adapt as needed.
– Easy support for mutable hitboxes (e.g. characters who change shape, or can duck).
– Pass through platforms.
– Climbable ladders and areas (vines, etc).
– Ledge hanging and climbing.
– Wall sliding.
– Crouching and crouch sliding.
– Samples for enemy AI, fall damage, projectiles, etc.

2D Platform Controller(1).unitypackage - 211.40 kBDownload
2D Platform Controller.unitypackage - 211.40 kBDownload
2DPlatController_v190.unitypackage - 15.34 MBDownload

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