2DDL Pro : 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows

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2DDL Pro : 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows

Build quality 2D Lights and shadows effects for your amazing games.

** Radial or Spot.

** Visibility on Field of View with events interception.

** Alpha Mask in Fog of War techniques.

** Light effects customizations with built-in Add-ons.


2DDL PRO is a tool that craft procedurally a Light system for 2D Environment. 2DDL works like a real Light in 2 dimensions.The Mesh Renderer is constructed taking into account the obstacles(Casters) in the scene.
Because is a Mesh, you can pick any shader from this package o built your own.
2DDL is totally dynamic, this mean that you can re-arrange lights and obstacles, and the final result is affected in real-time; or you can choose a Pre-Baked Light and thus avoid the calculation in each frame.

NO CODE required.
If you’re starting using Unity, pick up from menu and 2DDL will start working immediately. If you are a Pro Developer, it can be so flexible as you want.

WebGL Demos | Documentation | FAQ’s

What can 2DDL PRO provide me?

– AAA 2D Light system: stylized 2d shadows with smooth Light movements.

– Visibility: detect enemies within a radius range like a line of sight, also know as cone of vision or field of view.

– Occlusion: reveals hidden objects and places with alpha mask like Fog of war.

. Color Blending: see in action.
. Fire: see in action.
. Illumination: see in action.
. Lens Flare: see in action.
. LookAt: see in action.
. Rotation: see in action.
. Source: see in action.
CUSTOM: Build yours.

Yes! you are thinking to try before buy…Well, this is our FREE VERSION of 2DDL but i must warn you that only have the basics features. 


*- Unity 5 support.
*- Works in Unity Personal & pro.
*- Mobile Friendly.
*- Run in editor (WYSIWYG).
*- Radial lights.
*- Spot lights.
*- Cookie Lights.
*- Multiple lights.
*- Visibility events.
*- Occlusion effect.
*- PolygonCollider2D Support.
*- BoxCollider2D Support.
*- CircleCollider2d Support.
*- EdgeCollider2d Support.
*- Soft shadows effects.
*- 12+ Demo Samples.
*- Online Documentation.
*- Very High Priority support.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Limitations of 2DDL Pro or Contact the support for any questions before buy. Thank you. 

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/2ddl-pro-2d-dynamic-lights-and-shadows-25933

2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows - 2DDL PRO.unitypackage - 5.83 MBDownload
2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows PRO v1.1.2.unitypackage - 1.71 MBDownload
2DDynamicLightsAndShadows-2DDLPRO-1.3.5.zip - 6.72 MBDownload

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