Advanced Fantasy AI Pack

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Advanced Fantasy AI Pack

Brilliant Game Studios brings you the most advanced and powerful fantasy based AI package in the store. Instantly drag and drop AI units into your scene and watch them intelligently perform tasks. Not only does this AI contain many advanced behavors like A* pathfinding, but it is very efficient. With this efficiency, it enables spectacular large scale battles. This package also includes a full mini game with countless other custom scripts, models, sounds and textures. The sounds included, are high fidelity custom made sounds for you to use as you please. Whether it be RPG, Strategy, adventure, or even shooter. This AI package will give you an upper hand, and a great start to your game, saving you countless hours of work! Visit this Thread for videos, screenshots, and more.

Asset Store Link –

Advanced Fantasy AI Pack v1.0.unitypackage - 143.70 MBDownload
advanced fantasy ai pack 2.0.unitypackage - 143.70 MBDownload
Advanced Fantasy AI Pack.unitypackage - 143.70 MBDownload

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