AutoTileGen -AutoTileSet

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AutoTileGen -AutoTileSet

AutoTileSet makes 2D tile level editing faster than ever.


NOTE: AutoTileSet is also included for free with AutoTileGen
Video: AutoTileGen+AutoTileSet
Demo: AutoTileSet

Autotiling: picks the correct tile image from a tileset based on the tile neighbours
Level editor: edit your levels just clicking and dragging
Tile-Materials: compatible with Unity new material system and texturemaps (normal, occlusion, height…)
Multiple tile-materials: multiple tile materials per AutoTileSet object. Optimized draw/batch calls: keep your FPS under controls Fully customizable: source code included, tweak to your taste.
100% compatible with Unity 5

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AutoTileGen.rar - 10.57 MBDownload

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