Behavior Designer – Tactical Pack

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Behavior Designer – Tactical Pack

Requires Behavior Designer (link)

Behavior Designer – Tactical Pack contains 13 different behaviour tree tasks focused on tactical situations using Unity’s NavMesh, A* Pathfinding Project, or Apex Path.

Attacking is unique to each game. The Tactical Pack uses interfaces so you can implement your own attack and damage logic that fits your game. In addition, the Tactical Pack can use Playmaker or the Third Person Controller to handle attacking and damage.

Each task is well commented and written in a generic and clean way making it very easy to integrate into your own project. This pack will continue to grow as we hear new task suggestions from the community.

The following tasks are included:
– Attack
– Charge
– Marching Fire
– Flank
– Ambush
– Shoot and Scoot
– Leapfrog
– Surround
– Defend
– Hold
– Retreat
– Request Reinforcements
– Reinforcements Response

Web Demo | Documentation | Unity Forum

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