Bluetooth Android Plugin

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Bluetooth Android Plugin

Bluetooth Android Plugin very easy to use. Convert your games to multiplayer game now without any trouble.

– Supports all Android Versions.
– Clean, short and simple C# code.
– Extensively optimized
– Works on Unity and Unity pro.
– Full documentation included.
– Documented demo examples.
– All bluetooth event included like:

Search Devices Events:
-Search for devices finish event.
-Found new device event.
-Found zero device event.

Send/Receive Message Events:
-Done reading event.
-Done writing event.

Connection Events:
-Connecting event…..
-Successful connection event.
-Unable to connect event.

-Is Enabled.
-Is Connected.
-Get device name.
-Get connected device name.
-Enabled Bluetooth.
-Disable Bluetooth.
-Set Bluetooth Discoverable.
-Search for the devices.
-Send message to the connected device.
-Stop the current connection.

*This plugin is to connect between android mobile devices only 🙂 I hope you like it

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