Breadcrumb Ai

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Breadcrumb Ai

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Breadcrumb Ai includes a customizable Ai system that allows for multiple players and multiple enemies, as well as different enemy types. All features work with Unity Free and Unity Pro (Pro not required).

• Dynamic Ai – No NavMesh required
• Behavior States
• Follow Player
• Works with more than one player
• Follow Breadcrumbs*
• Follow Other Ai
• Waypoints
• Wandering
• Rigidbody Movement
• Line of sight with vision options
• Health options
• Wall avoidance
• Jump obstacle avoidance
• Edge detection
• Gap jumping
• Unity Free & Unity Pro
• Easy to use
• And More!

*Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are like footprints being left behind by the player for the Ai to follow if the player is no longer within line of sight.

Asset Store Link –

Breadcrumb Ai.unitypackage - 5.60 MBDownload

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