Cave Adventure Kit

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Cave Adventure Kit

This is complete Cave Environment solution with a large selection of props included to create scenes for FPS & Top Down Hack ‘n’ Slash Role-Playing games.

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All the Rock Walls, Stalagmites, Stalactites, Stone bridges and Stone pedestals comes with 3 very different textures sets, all with diffuse and normals
Shadow – Natural brown, dry stone environment
Moss – Lush green, overgrown wet environment
Frozen – Ice cold, Magically Frozen environment

Cave of the Spider Queen Top Down DEMO
PineForest 4 Seasons Winter assets for outside
Goblin Cave FPS DEMO

Cave Adventure Kit features:
309 Prefabs from 141 meshes
25 Terrain textures with normals
86 Particle effects
– Fogs x 18
– Mists x4
– Fireflies x 10
– Magical Fields x 15
– Flames x 2
Stone coffins – Brown and Moss covered
Wall mounted and free standing torches
Hanging rope bridges
Wooden walkways
Large selection of crystals
– Mana
– Fire
– Life
– Ice
– Obsidian
Fungus and Mushrooms
Ferns and large leaf plants
Wooden support beams
Spider Webs
Wooden fences
All assets – 1024 & 512 textures
18 Tilable ground textures all with normals
– 6 For Natural brown, dry stone environments
– 6 for Lush green, overgrown wet environments
– 6 for Frozen Ice cold, Magically Frozen environments

Action RPG Top Down Camera Controller
was used in Top-Down demo
* character not included in package

Asset Store Link –

Cave Adventure Kit v1.9.unitypackage - 428.45 MBDownload
Cave Adventure Kit10.unitypackage - 489.47 MBDownload
Cave_Adventure_Kit.unitypackage - 489.47 MBDownload

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