Easy Ropes 2D

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Easy Ropes 2D

This asset contains Rope2D System used in the game Bad Blocks.

Vídeo: Link
WebGL: Link
Documentation: Link

This pack includes:
– Five demo scenes.
– Rope System and three example prefabs (simple rope, chain rope and bridge rope).
– Rope Cutter System.
– Balloon System.
– Simple Balloon Plugger and Rope Creator Window.
– Tack System and Sling Rope.
– Editor inspectors and dynamic ropes (even in editor SceneView).
– Tension gizmos to help you to implement sling effect.
– 48 breakable objects
– Extensive Documentation.
– and much more…

Support (Unity Forum): Link

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/sprite-management/easy-ropes-2d-40202

Easy Ropes 2D v1.1.8.4.unitypackage - 10.84 MBDownload
Easy Ropes 2D.unitypackage - 10.84 MBDownload

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