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I made a Unity extension for 2D Skeleton Animation renderering. It’s called EasyMotion2D.
This extension will help developers make 2D Anmations in Unity3D easly.

For the beta testing, you can try it without any limit
And my english is very poor, so I hope my reply not hard to understand .


  • EasyMotion2D is a Unity3D extension for 2D solution.
  • EasyMotion2D provide a high performance 2D Skeleton Animation System in Unity3D.
  • EasyMotion2D includes several components. They are build-in like, easy to use and understand.
  • EasyMotion2D includes several toolkits inside Unity3D, help developers make 2D assets easily.

Forum – https://forum.unity.com/threads/easymotion2d-make-2d-skeleton-animation-in-unity3d-easily-released.108648/

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/sprite-management/easymotion2d-2138

EasyMotion2D v0.464.unitypackage - 4.34 MBDownload

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