Free Footsteps System

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Free Footsteps System

This asset is a small but very helpful system that suports Terrains and normal Renderers

Current features:

– Nice and easy to read editor.
– A database for editing surfaces.
– Easy solution for both First Person characters with no physical legs, and Third Person characters with animations(in this case the sound will be played when the leg touches the ground).
– Example for both cases with included PLAYER CONTROLLERS
– The system plays defined sounds based on the texture the character is currently staying on, works for both Terrain and normal renderer.
– Various sounds for footsteps.


-Dust effects, water effects, etc, when collisions occur.
– System can now detect all types of colliders, including primitives
– A couple of bugs fixed

Asset Store Link –

Free Footsteps System v1.0.unitypackage - 11.60 MBDownload - 11.75 MBDownload

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