Genesis Code

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Genesis Code

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With Genesis Code, you have the power to CREATE or DESTROY any game object you desire, just from a single Unity script!
Just insert the Genesis Code script to the object or prefab of your preference, and adjust the settings to cater to your liking! Pretty soon, your game will have its very own cycle of self-modulation, automatically destroying and creating game objects whenever you see fit!

Featured Actions:
Create – Either creates new prefab instances or instantiates clones of a pre-existing object.
Change – Changes one game object into another game object.
Destroy – Destroys a game object. Useful for reducing lag in your game.
Teleport – Teleports a game object to another position or to a random position within a given area.

Other Features:
Data Translation – You can easily assess what the script will do after you’ve filled in the blanks, because this script is able to summarize the inputs and data into comprehensible English statements at the bottom.
Script Notes – Because these add-ons hold a lot of data, you can create custom titles or notes for your scripts that can help you identify them even after minimizing the content.
Intuitive Interface – You don’t have to worry about filling in multiple text fields; the interface adjusts itself for your needs using graphical Unity elements.
Warning Tips – Help boxes are available to serve as warnings or tips to prevent further complications with the game objects.
Multi-Object Editing – You can edit fields of multiple objects simultaneously, just like in the default Unity interface.

Important Note: The seller reserves the right to change the price of this asset at any point in the future and I will not refund the difference once the price is reduced. On a positive note, all future updates made to this script will be free of cost for all purchasers of this asset! Don’t worry, I’ve got your glitches covered!

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Genesis Code v1.7.unitypackage - 41.74 kBDownload - 238.77 kBDownload

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