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Unity3d UDP networking library focused on high-CCU, multi-server architecture.

MassiveNet will be somewhat familiar to those who have used Unity’s built-in networking or uLink.

Some of its features and design goals include:

Actor-like messaging and synchronization via NetViews.
Easy RPC definition using the [NetRPC] attribute.
Automatic network LOD/culling for NetViews, a crucial feature for large CCU games.
Build large, open worlds with support for seamless client/NetView movement from server to server.
Network instantiation of NetViews through tagged prefabs. (@Owner, @Proxy, @Peer, @Creator)
Out-of-the-box serialization for common C# and Unity struct types.
Supports serialization of custom types via delegate registration.
Incremental synchronization of NetViews to avoid resource spiking.

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