Medieval Village

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Medieval Village

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– Ability to create multi-level floors with interiors – we give you both modular and hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of buildings
– Over 100 hyper modular pieces – create thousands of variations multi-level houses with windows, walls, stairs, roof, and floor pieces
– Over 20 pre-built roof, main & mid floor pieces 
– 85 medieval props – huge variety of props to fill out your scene from crates, signs, fences, pottery and much more
– About 10 vegetation props – trees, bushes, grass, carrots to help add some greenery to your scene
– 4 tileable terrain textures – paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation
– LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props if necessary – allows for a more streamlined game that doesn’t bog down from a distance
– Complete Support & Documentation – we make sure we update and support our products with quick email support and full documentation
Technical Detail:
Asset List:
Around 85 Prop Assets (each with full LODs)
100+ hyper modular pieces for buildings
20 pre-built modular house pieces
Around 10 vegetation assets

Polycount: (LODs decrease in 50% increments)
Trees: 5,000-6,500
Ground Plants: 50-250
Props: 100-5,000
Building pieces: 200-6,000

Texture Sizes
Terrain: 2048×2048
Trees: 2048×2048
Ground Plants: 2048×2048
Props: 512×512-2048×2048
Building Pieces: 1024×1024-2048×2048

Asset Store Link –

Medieval Village.unitypackage - 1002.33 MBDownload

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