MultiOnline – Multiplayer online kit

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MultiOnline – Multiplayer online kit

Add easily an online multiplayer mode to your games.

Main features :
– Works with a simple web hosting
– Lobby with the list of the open games : players can join it without enter the host’s IP
– Game list with filters, sorting and search
– Blacklist
– Players online account
– Waiting room with players list, map preview and chat
– Host migration management
– Two hosting mode available: player host and dedicated server (you can use the both, or one of your choice) [new in V3]
– Friend list [new in V3]
– Dedicated server option [new in V3]
– Players name display [new in V3]
– In-game menus with player list and chat [new in V3]
– Many parameters configurable from the inspector [new in V3]

Easy to install:
Automated Installation for the MySQL tables [new in V3]

Adapt MultiOnline to your needs:

These modules may be enabled / disabled:
– Blacklist
– Friend list
– Game list filters
– In-game chat
– In-game players list
– In-game exit button
– Create game menu
– Dedicated server

Compatibility :
– Unity free and Unity pro
– Fully compatible with MultiLan Asset
– Compatible with build for “PC,Mac,Linux Standalone”
– Compatible with Webplayer

Requirement :
– Web hosting with PHP 5 and MySQL.

Some goods web hosting:
– AlwaysData [free plan]: the one I use in the installation tutorial
– PlanetHoster: allow you to host your website on canadian servers or french servers
– Infomaniak: Swiss made ;)

How does it work ?
MultiOnline works with Unity’s Network class and C# scripting.
The web hosting is used to register the players and centralize the open games. In this way players can see the list of all the open games around the world and join it directly without enter the host’s IP address.

Pack includes :
– 5 scenes : the menu, the waiting room and two examples game maps
– All C# source code (commented)
– Edition scripts : to manage the settings directly from the Unity inspector
– The prefabs you need to create easily your own multiplayer maps
– All you need for install MultiOnline on your web hosting (MySQL build and PHP scritps)
– Full documentation

Asset Store Link –

MultiOnline - Multiplayer online kit.unitypackage - 6.58 MBDownload

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