NC : Behaviour Engine

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NC : Behaviour Engine

Designers and Programmers rejoice

Design modular and reactive behaviours using the power of Behaviour Trees and Hierarchical State Machines together within an intuitive non-convoluted visual editor.
Communicate local & global variables through the Blackboard visually or by code for creating reusable AI behaviours and automaticaly or manually save those variables in game.
See how your behaviours react with colourful and informative runtime debugging for direct feedback.
Live Edit everything while in play mode to perfectly understand your design goals and how to achieve them.
Extend upon the NodeCanvas Framework to create your own Actions, Conditions, Nodes or even completely new Systems with the ease of a powerfull API.
Reuse made behaviours amongst any number of different agents
Organize your designs using Behaviour SubTrees and Nested State Machines
Create non-linear, multi-actor Dialogue Trees, usable with any UI system
Integrate with Playmaker
Publish to all platforms
Full C# Source Code Included

No scripting? No problem. NodeCanvas comes with many Actions and Conditions to get you started and more are added on each update. Furthermore you can use the special Script Control Tasks to make use and control any existing code and components through the power of reflection!

NC Behaviour Engine.unitypackage - 1.36 MBDownload

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